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The Lifetime Membership opportunity is now closed.

If you would like to become a ProChurch member, visit prochurch.com to sign up.

We’ve reserved 100 Lifetime membership positions for our existing friends or newcomers who simply want to take advantage of this rare opportunity to get in at the ground level of something great. Lifetime members will get unlimited access to everything that ProChurch Studio, Splash, and Sermon have to offer. The cost of the Lifetime membership is a one-time payment of $499. No monthly fees or annual dues will be charged to Lifetime members.

What you get!

What's Included...

Known in the past as “ProChurch Print”, our growing collection of high-quality print and screen templates is taking on new life as ProChurch Studio. With a completely redesigned online editor, a brand new storefront, instant PDF and JPG downloads (that you can send to any printer of your choice), and speedy new servers, Studio is unlike anything you’ve experienced before. We’ve listened to feedback, addressed issues, and produced the premiere online-design solution available to churches.


As a new addition to the ProChurch application lineup, we are excited to introduce ProChurch Splash, an incredible tool for creating standalone web pages (“splash pages”) that complement your print designs. Imagine the ability to create a quick, beautiful, mobile-friendly web page that already matches the event mailer design you created in Studio! This splash page could collect email addresses from potential visitors, provide additional event information, gather online registrations and more. It’s all possible with ProChurch Splash!


Launching in summer of 2017, ProChurch Sermon will redefine the way churches post, share, and listen to sermons online. With generous cloud storage, fast servers, mobile-optimized streaming and intuitive organization and sharing options, ProChurch Sermon will take the fuss and frustration out of audio sermon hosting. This software infuses a ProChurch subscription with even greater value. With your Lifetime Membership, this application will be included at no extra cost!


In functionality, a Lifetime membership is no different. A Lifetime member has full access to everything a standard membership has. The difference is purely financial. Standard members pay monthly or annually, whereas Lifetime members pay only once.

How is a Lifetime membership different from a standard membership?


Can I use my Lifetime member benefits with multiple churches?

Lifetime membership benefits are not transferrable, but the "right to purchase" is. If Pastor Smith purchases a Lifetime membership while pastoring First Baptist Church, those benefits do not go with him when he leaves First Baptist to pastor Second Baptist Church. The Lifetime membership will remain the property of First Baptist Church. However, as an original Lifetime membership holder, Pastor Smith will have opportunity to purchase a new Lifetime membership for Second Baptist Church if he wishes.

Does this include my ProChurch Web services?

ProChurch website monthly service fees are not included in the Lifetime membership. The Lifetime membership includes Studio, Splash, and the upcoming Sermon app.

After the standard 60-day Money-Back Guarantee period ends, no refunds will be available on Lifetime membership fees.

If I decide to cancel my Lifetime membership, can I get a refund?

Can I make installment payments on the $499 Lifetime membership fee?

Due to the time-sensitive nature of this program, we're not able to allow purchasers to pay over time. Once the 100 spots are sold, the opportunity will be closed.

How long is this offer available?

The Lifetime membership opportunity will be available until all 100 spots are filled. The number of remaining spots available at any given time can be monitored at the top of this page.

I can't come up with the funds right now. Can you hold a spot for me?

We're not able to reserve any Lifetime member spots until the $499 cost is completely paid. These 100 spots are being offered on a "first come, first served" basis.

Can I apply the annual membership money I already paid toward a Lifetime membership?

No, current members will not be able to apply previously paid funds toward a Lifetime membership. Once paid, the Lifetime member benefits would begin at the end of the member's current billing period.


1. SUBSCRIPTION DURATION: The ProChurch Lifetime membership is available for a limited time for a fixed cost. Membership benefits continue perpetually unless written notice is served by the member (see “Cancellation & Termination” below).

2. PAYMENT SCHEDULE: Once the Lifetime membership fee is paid, no additional payments will be due.

3. SERVICE CHANGES: ProChurch reserves the right to amend the terms of service and without prior notification.

4. MEMBERSHIP TRANSFERS: Lifetime membership benefits are not transferrable between organizations, however, the original purchaser will maintain the "right to purchase" an additional Lifetime membership for the church at which the purchaser actively serves.

5. CANCELLATION & TERMINATION: To cancel a membership, please see the following help article for instructions: http://printhelp.prochurch.com/article/10-canceling-your-membership

6. REFUND POLICY: Due to the nature of our services, refunds cannot be granted after the 60-day Money-Back Guarantee period has expired. Potential members wishing to “try before they buy” may follow the links on the ProChurch Studio (http://studio.prochurch.com) home page to take our design editor for a test drive. If for some reason a member is displeased with our products and services, please email info@prochurch.com, and we will do our best to correct any issues.


1. ACCOUNT SHARING: Account sharing with other organizations or ministries is not permitted. Account sharing is a violation of our terms of use, and will serve as grounds for membership termination. Use of the account among multiple staff members within a single organization or ministry is acceptable.

2. RESELLING & REDISTRIBUTING: Use of any ProChurch account by resellers or redistributors is strictly prohibited. You may not use a ProChurch Studio, Splash, or Sermon account to create and sell or distribute designs or derivative artwork to other organizations or individuals. This type of activity will result in account termination.

3. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS: While all intellectual property for designs obtained from studio.prochurch.com and splash.prochurch.com is maintained with ProChurch Inc, active account holders are free to use our media as they see fit. This includes online streaming of services, brand identity design, and ministry promotion. Please contact us at info@prochurch.com (mailto:info@prochurch.com) if you have questions or concerns about rights or restrictions applying to specific images or elements used in any given design.