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Get a Beautiful, Hassle-Free Church Website without monthly fees!

Get a simple, beautiful, responsive church website that we'll help you setup for a one-time payment of $950 -- hurry there are only 50 38 spots!

It's Time For an Upgrade!

Get your church website today!

The process is simple...Choose a template you love from one of our 5 amazing templates and that's it... You won't even need to move over your old content from your previous website because we'll take care of all of that for you!

We know you've been thinking about an upgrade to your church website and right now is the perfect opportunity with our LIFETIME church website deal...

Make a one-time payment and we'll take everything else for you - and you won't ever have to worry about any monthly fees!

But we obviously can't keep something like this open forever, so we are limiting this lifetime deal to 50 churches on a first come - first serve basis. After 50 churches we will be closing this lifetime deal forever!

Signup today and get the upgrade your church has much been needing!

Over 50% of church visitors of church attenders said that a church’s website was important in picking a church to visit..

For this reason, getting a functional church website up is one of the first priorities for new churches as they're getting set up... (and if you are an existing church that doesn't have a website up yet... you need one... like now! Yesterday even!)

Websites are important for many vital reasons... But I think by this point, we all know how important having a church website can be...

The problem we face is that there is hundreds of church website companies out there, all saying they are the best and all saying they have everything you need at the right price...

And while most companies will help you get a functional website up and running, you will now be stuck with a monthly payment and tons of fees that you will have to pay every single month as long as your website is up...

We understand the frustration of having to sign up for a new monthly membership for every new service or tool that you need, including having a church website...

Which is why we at ProChurch have come up with something a little crazy...

A LIFETIME deal to a brand new church website... Lifetime meaning one payment for setup.... and that's it...No monthly fees, and no monthly hosting payments...

Just a one-time payment to get a beautiful website for your church! No monthly fees.

Two simple ways to pay...

One payment of


Three payments of



Get your church website today!

Website Features

Beautiful, Responsive Templates

All of our websites are fully responsive. This means that they will automatically adapt to whatever screen size they are viewed on. You won't need to manage a mobile site and a desktop site. Instead, you can easily manage one responsive website that looks awesome no matter what device it's viewed on. Any updates you make on your desktop will automatically update your website for mobile viewers as well.

Drag and Drop Website Editor

The ProChurch CMS (Content Management System) was built for beginner to intermediate users who want to easily manage their website with point and click tools. When you log into the editor, you'll be looking at your website as it appears online, only every content item can be clicked on and edited. Add news events, build forms, create photo galleries, and much more!

We'll Transfer Your Current Website Content

After talking to hundreds of ministry leaders, we found that a big roadblock to getting a new website launched is the process of transferring old website pages and text to the new website. We decided to solve that problem. Your website purchase will include our team moving all your current website's pages and text over to your new website. No extra fee charged!

Built in Apps

Anyone can use this tool set. Simply log in, point, and click! ProChurch CMS gives you control over every essential part of your website.

Intuitive Web Tools

Beautiful Photo Galleries

Batch upload your photos to versatile photo galleries. Many styles are available, with endless possibilities!

News & Events

Our News & Events application allows you to display special notices and upcoming events to your site visitors. Expired events can be automatically hidden.

Powerful Form Builder

Easily build contact forms, surveys, registrations, and much more. Send form results to an email address, store them in a database, or both!

Simple Media Library

Our simple Media Library application allows you to organize MP3 sermons and provide them to site visitors for download or playback right in their browser.

Password Protection

Any page of your website can be password protected. For even more flexibility, our Members Login application add-on can handle a full members registration and approval access system.

Website Designs

"Our church website is really the front door of our church and we feel it's vital to have an engaging and exciting online presence. We get compliments all the time from people that our website is clean, fresh, and easy to access on any device which is huge! Thanks guys, and keep up the great work!"

"Our church has already benefitted from our new website! We have had visitors attend services and thank us for the informative sections on the site. Thanks, ProChurch for all of the help!"

Chad - Pastor of Central Baptist Church

Micaiah - Pastor of Southridge Church

Exclusive Bonuses

For signing up with us today, you will get instant access to these 3 exclusive bonuses!

Bonus #1

Lifetime Access to

ChristianPics.co is the largest online library for Christian Stock photos available. Whether you need a stock photo for a graphic design project or a blog post on your new website, we've got you covered! Thousands of photos that include Bibles, worship, praying, churches, crosses, and much much more! By purchasing today you will get instant LIFETIME access to ChristianPics.co

Bonus #2

100 Social Media Graphics

We've prepared 100 amazing social media graphics that are readily available to post onto your church's social media account. Images ranging from Mother's Day, Christmas, to other engaging photos that will create some engagement from your church members and visitors. We've got you covered for the whole year with our 100 social media graphics! We will be sending you these 100 graphics instantly with purchase today!


Get your church website today!
  • Website Setup Fee ($750 value)
  • Site Migration Help ($250 value)
  • Lifetime Plus Hosting Plan ($1,872 value)
  • Bonus 1 - Lifetime to ChristianPics.co ($250 value)
  • Bonus 2 - 100 Social Media PSD Graphics ($100 value)

Retail Price = $3,522

Today's Price = $950


There is no catch here! We know there are many churches out there searching for an update to their website but setup fees on top of hosting fees can really make a big dent in the monthly budget and that is where we want to help! After signing up with us, you will not have any more monthly fees!

What's the catch here?

I can't make the full $950 payment today, do I have any other options?

Absolutely! You have the option to either pay the $950 today or make 3 payments of $350 over the next 3 months to help spread out the cost of the initial setup.

After the standard 60-day Money-Back Guarantee period ends, no refunds will be available on Lifetime membership fees.

If I decide to cancel my Lifetime membership, can I get a refund?

How long will this offer be available?

The Lifetime membership opportunity will be available until all 50 spots are taken. Lifetime memberships will all be available on a first come first serve basis. You can monitor how many spots are available at the top of the page.

I can't come up with the funds right now. Can you hold a spot for me?

We're not able to reserve any Lifetime member spots until the cost is begun to be paid. These 50 spots are being offered on a "first come, first served" basis.

Our lifetime access includes moving over of your current website to one of our new mobile ready templates as well as all hosting of your church website. Once your previous website is moved over, we will give you all logins and access to your new website for you to login. Premium email support will also be included in your purchase. If there's anything that you may need help with, just email us and we will be on top of it!

What comes with my lifetime church website?


1. SUBSCRIPTION DURATION: The ProChurch Lifetime membership is available for a limited time for a fixed cost. Membership benefits continue perpetually unless written notice is served by the member (see “Cancellation & Termination” below).

2. PAYMENT SCHEDULE: Once the Lifetime membership fee is paid, no additional payments will be due.

3. SERVICE CHANGES: ProChurch reserves the right to amend the terms of service and without prior notification.

4. MEMBERSHIP TRANSFERS: Lifetime membership benefits are not transferrable between organizations, however, the original purchaser will maintain the "right to purchase" an additional Lifetime membership for the church at which the purchaser actively serves.

5. CANCELLATION & TERMINATION: To cancel a membership, please see the following help article for instructions: http://printhelp.prochurch.com/article/10-canceling-your-membership

6. REFUND POLICY: Due to the nature of our services, refunds cannot be granted after the 60-day Money-Back Guarantee period has expired. Potential members wishing to “try before they buy” may follow the links on the ProChurch Studio (http://studio.prochurch.com) home page to take our design editor for a test drive. If for some reason a member is displeased with our products and services, please email info@prochurch.com, and we will do our best to correct any issues.


1. ACCOUNT SHARING: Account sharing with other organizations or ministries is not permitted. Account sharing is a violation of our terms of use, and will serve as grounds for membership termination. Use of the account among multiple staff members within a single organization or ministry is acceptable.

2. RESELLING & REDISTRIBUTING: Use of any ProChurch account by resellers or redistributors is strictly prohibited. You may not use a ProChurch Studio, Splash, or Sermon account to create and sell or distribute designs or derivative artwork to other organizations or individuals. This type of activity will result in account termination.

3. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS: While all intellectual property for designs obtained from studio.prochurch.com and splash.prochurch.com is maintained with ProChurch Inc, active account holders are free to use our media as they see fit. This includes online streaming of services, brand identity design, and ministry promotion. Please contact us at info@prochurch.com (mailto:info@prochurch.com) if you have questions or concerns about rights or restrictions applying to specific images or elements used in any given design.


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